September 7th - 22nd, 2018

How Results Are Scored

Overall Results

Teams can earn points in the Overall Results for the September Games by participating in Sports Events, Special Events and Charity Events.

Sports Events - Points Breakdown Summary

All teams who attend and participate in a Sports Event will earn 2 participation points. Additional points can be earned by placing in the top 5 (pool play) or top 6 (non-pool play) positions within a division.

Defaults/Forfeits/Loss of Points

Special Events - Points Breakdown Summary

Some Special Events are not associated with earning points in the Overall Results (attending Opening Ceremony, the Gameboard Lunch & Closing Ceremony), while other events are associated with earning points.

Participating in the following Special Events allows a company to earn 2 participation points in the Overall Results:

Additional points (specific to each event) can be earned in the following Special Events:

Charity Events - Points Breakdown Summary

All companies who participate in the Charity Challenge in any capacity will earn 2 participation points in the Overall Results.

Up to 10 additional points can be earned in the Overall Results by meeting specific thresholds within the Charity Challenge.

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