September 7th - 22nd, 2018

2018 Waiver & I.D. System

CCC Digital Waiver & I.D.System

For Participants:

Please review the attached document (below) for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the digital waiver for the 2018 CCC September Games.

Privacy and Security Information:

When filling out the digital waiver, the user will be prompted to take a photo of their government-issued photo I.D.. Importantly, this photo is NEVER saved or stored by the system (hosted by Integrity Advocate), and is therefore never made accessible or view-able to CCC or to anyone else. None of the identifying information on the government-issued photo I.D. (birthdate, etc.) is ever pulled from the photo, saved, or stored (in fact, if a user wishes to block all identifying information on the I.D. besides their photo and their name, they are welcome to do so). The photo of the government I.D. is only used in the facial recognition stage of filling out the waiver (effectively matching the photo the user takes of themselves with the photo in their government I.D.) as government I.D. photos can be universally recognized by the facial recognition software being utilized. 

Significant measures have been taken to ensure user privacy and security with this new process in place. Please review the following documents pertaining to the hosting group (Integrity Advocate) if you are interested in learning more:

This digital waiver system has been developed in full alignment with the most recent edition of Online Training Identity Verification and Remote Proctoring Standards as published by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in June of 2018. These proctoring standards are available to review online here:

Lastly, Privacy By Design was used to construct the Integrity Advocate platform that we are hosting the waiver on. If you're interested in reading more about these standards, you can review them here:

How it Works:

What to Expect On-Site

For individuals who have filled out the digital waiver prior to the event:

  1. When an individual arrives on-site at an event in September, that individual will go to the registration desk and provide their company name, followed by their last name to the CCC volunteer at the desk. From here, their digital waiver will be pulled up in CCC’s system (on a tablet).
    • Note: The only information that will be visible to CCC volunteers is the participant’s name, the company they work for, and a photo of the individual (as taken on a smartphone or webcam when filling out the waiver).
    • Important: The individual's government-issued I.D. photo and all information contained in said I.D. has not been stored by the server and is therefore not visible to the registration volunteer, to CCC, or to the hosting server group at any point.
  2.  CCC volunteers will check that the person registering/checking in at the event matches the photo in the online database, and that person will then be marked as checked in at the event.

For individuals who have not filled out the digital waiver prior to the event:

  1. When an individual arrives on-site at an event in September (and they have not previously filled out the digital waiver online), that individual will be required to fill out a paper waiver at the registration area and show Personal I.D. and Company I.D. to the volunteer on-site. 
    • A printable version of this waiver is available to be downloaded and printed (must be double-sided on a single sheet) here: CCC Paper Waiver
  2. Once an individual has completed a paper waiver on-site and shown proper Personal and Company I.D., that individual will be marked as checked in for that event.
    • Note: Any individual who does not fill out the digital waiver prior to any event in September will be asked to complete these steps at each and every event that they participate in during the Games as CCC’s paper waivers only cover one-time participation at individual events.

    • Note: Participants who have not filled out the digital waiver and are unable to provide both Personal and Company I.D. on-site at events, will not be permitted to participate.

I.D. Requirements

(*only required by individuals using the paper waiver option)


All other forms of ID will NOT be accepted.


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