September 7th - 22nd, 2018

Get To Know The CCC Team!

Dave Ford, General Manager

David “Dave” Ford is a former journalism student and current General Manager of Calgary Corporate Challenge. If you ever have well over 20 minutes, he’d be happy to tell you how he got from one to the other with a brief stint overseas in between. Did he meet one of his current CCC coworkers while over said seas? Why, yes he did...but which one?

He’s been with CCC for 4-and-a-half years and credits his rise to the top spot in the office to his ability to not move on to other things and underlying lust for power. He’s also a fan of staying where he is the tallest and oldest, the former now being only marginally true.

Throughout September, you’ll find Dave running* from venue to venue making sure everyone’s spelling “Mini Golf” correctly (he doesn’t care for the hyphenated approach). Please take a second to say “Hi!” and update him on the score in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

*not actually running

Robyn Malcolm, Partner Relations & Projects Lead

Robyn Malcolm spent her time before CCC completing an undergraduate degree out East, jumping out of planes and off of bridges in the southern hemisphere, and tasting copious varietals of wine in the Okanagan (the latter of which is still a favorite pastime for her).

Likes? Playing soccer, sunflowers and hypoallergenic puppies. Dislikes? Long walks on the beach (yes, really), Excel spreadsheets and losing sports pools in the office. Recent incidents indicate that she would sooner succumb to tetanus than inconvenience someone in the least. We see this either as a strength masquerading as a weakness, or vice versa.

The 2018 September Games will be Robyn’s fourth! You’ll most likely find her at the Calgary Soccer Centre taking in a fierce game amongst CCC’s most notorious weekend warriors. If you want to be in Robyn’s good books, teach her a fun fact, bring her an iced coffee or play it cool when she tells you she’s never seen Star Wars or eaten lettuce. And let us be honest about something, Dave and Diana fail at that last point every time.

Diana Prymack, Marketing & Content Lead

Diana Prymack has spent her near-decade since graduating from St. Francis Xavier with a BA dabbling hard in industries and roles spanning oil and gas to tech, and nut mylking to product management and copywriting (with some even weirder moonlighting stints in the mix for flavor). Intrigued? Cost for admission any further into this freakshow will cost you a pint, or a coffee if you want to get into it during the September Games specifically.

A lifelong sport and fan of sports, Diana likes to overextend herself by playing on entirely too many rec teams and is the “token girl sub” for countless others. She’s easily convinced to come through in the clutch, largely because she’s probably eager to work off an indulgent food choice of sorts—she’s big into food, you guys.

The 2018 September Games are Diana’s first as an employee of CCC, but she’s a seasoned past participant. Will that experience help her through the chaos? Dave and Robyn are taking bets.


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