September 7th - 22nd, 2018

Get To Know The CCC Team!

Dave Ford, General Manager

David “Dave” Ford is a former journalism student and current General Manager of Calgary Corporate Challenge. If you ever have 20 minutes, he’d be happy to tell you how you get from one to the other.

At 6-feet tall, Dave is roughly twice the height of the rest of the Games Office. At 38 years old, he’s also twice their age. He’s been with CCC for over four years and credits his rise to the top spot in the office to his inability to move on to other things. (In case it wasn't obvious, Dave has a bit of a thing for sarcasm...)

You’ll find Dave throughout September running from venue to venue making sure everyone’s spelling “Mini Golf” correctly. Never hesitate to say “Hi!” and update him on the score in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

Robyn Malcolm, Partner Relations & Projects Coordinator

Robyn Malcolm is the resident female on staff at Calgary Corporate Challenge. Her time before CCC was spent completing an undergraduate degree in Ontario, jumping out of planes and off of bridges in the southern hemisphere, and tasting copious varietals of wine in the Okanagan (the latter of which is still a favorite pass time for her).

Likes? Playing soccer, cardio boxing and hypoallergenic puppies. Dislikes? Long walks on the beach (yes, really), math, and losing sports pools in the office.

In September, you’ll most likely find her at the soccer centre taking in a fierce game amongst CCC’s most notorious weekend warriors. If you want to be in Robyn’s good books, teach her a fun fact, bring her an iced coffee, or play it cool when she tells you she’s never seen Star Wars.

Leor Magalnik, Sports Coordinator

Standing at 5’6 and 150 lbs, Leor is the smallest male staff member in the entire history of Calgary Corporate Challenge (okay, we made that up). He is, however, the youngest staff member at CCC (only one year older than the organization itself!) and the self-proclaimed best arcade basketball player on the team. 

In September, you will most likely find him at Bocce, Bowling or Horseshoes admiring the perfect underhand throw. 

Fun fact: the biggest life decision Leor has had to make thus far was whether to cheer against Edmonton or Anaheim in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. He ultimately chose to cheer against the Oilers. Go Flames!

Zack Mulvale, Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Hailing all the way from Oakville, Ontario, Zack Mulvale joined the CCC team as our Volunteer and Events Coordinator in the spring of 2017. He graduated from a Sports Management program out east and soon thereafter found himself bravely driving his beloved Dodge Caravan across the prairies to good ole’ Calgary, Alberta.

Zack claims he grew up “in the streets” back in the '6, but you’ll quickly realize what he’s actually referencing is his love for his neighborhood street hockey league, where he spent almost all of his free time growing up. If you didn’t find him in the cul-de-sac with a stick in hand, you would have found him on the baseball diamond picking dandelions in the outfield, or on the soccer field making mud angels in the goal box. 

In September, you'll find Zack actively trying to convince CCC company teams to recruit him to play on their behalf. In any sport. Really. Any of them. He loves it all!

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