September 7th - 22nd, 2018

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The following information is available to help you get started as a CCC participating company and to help to answer some of the questions we frequently receive!

High Level Information - CCC

Registration Information

In order to be registered to take part in the CCC September Games, a representative from your company will need to complete the following two steps:

CCC uses this information to assign all participating companies to appropriate divisions based on company size. Although new companies are automatically assigned to the Purple Division, the HR Letter is still required.

Please send your letter to CCC digitally (via email) to [].

Cost to Participate

The entry fee for all NEW companies to register for the Calgary Corporate Challenge September Games is $999 plus GST. This fee covers entry to the Purple Division (exclusive to first-year companies), including access to 11 sports events and all charity and special events in the CCC September Games. Each company may enter one team per event.

If you are a new company and you are interested in bypassing the Purple Division, thereby joining a "full" division in your first year, there are opportunities to do so through sponsorship.

Contact us or check out our Sponsorship Information page for more info!

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