September 7th - 22nd, 2018

What does AARCS do?

AARCS is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of the public to help cover the costs of all expenses, the majority being veterinary care for rescued and abandoned animals.  While AARCS has the manpower, drive and ambition to create a safe place for animals, financial support is essential to cultivate resources and maintain basic costs, while working to further develop the organization's programs and initiatives.  

In Alberta, thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrendous conditions. AARCS works closely with rural and First Nations communities where there are often limited or virtually no animal services.

In 2017, AARCS was able to help over 3000 cats and dogs. These animals were cared for by AARCS through the provision of medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccinating and adoption into new families. In addition, AARCS is also able to offer assistance programs such as Spay/Neuter, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for Cats and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Charity Challenge - AARCS

​Five points can be earned within this section of the Charity Challenge.

[GIVE CASH FOR CATS] - 1 point



[GIVE SUPPLIES] - 1 point

[GIVE MORE] - 1 point

NOTE: All donations to this charity are non-cumulative.

How To Give

There are a number of ways to give. Please see below for your options:

Other Important Info

If you have questions about this charity or anything to do with AARCS' involvement in the CCC Charity Challenge, please contact Susan Brakus, Events & Fundraising Coordinator at AARCS. Her contact info is as follows:

Questions about tax receipts?

As a registered charity, AARCS is able to issue tax receipts for any donation of $20 or more. Tax Receipts will be automatically sent to the donor following online donations.

If you have any further questions about the Charity Challenge, please email Robyn Malcolm (Partner Relations & Projects Coordinator at CCC) at []

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