September 7th - 22nd, 2018

What does Heart & Stroke do?

For more than 60 years, Heart & Stroke has been dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. The work done by this organization has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others.

In order to raise funds and awareness for Heart and Stroke, CCC participating companies have the opportunity to ride the Heart and Stroke Big Bike!

For 20 minutes, 29 riders power one Big Bike. On event day, one of Heart and Stroke's drivers will accompany your riders as they pedal through the community and celebrate your accomplishments. While your team pedals, you literally stop traffic to support critical heart disease and stroke research, so you’ll feel good, while doing good. But be warned: The minute you stop, you’ll want to climb right back on. It’s that much fun!

Charity Challenge - Heart & Stroke 

​Five points can be earned within this section of the Charity Challenge.



[GIVE $2000] - 1 point

[GIVE $5000] - 1 point

[GIVE AWARENESS] - 1 point

NOTE: All donations to this charity are cumulative. A total donation of $5000 or greater will earn your company 2 points.

How To Give

There are a number of ways to give. Please see below for your options:

Other Important Info

If you have questions about this charity or anything to do with the Heart and Stroke Foundation's involvement in the CCC Charity Challenge, please contact Matt Paterson. Contact info is as follows:

Questions about tax receipts?

For any offline donation of $15 or greater, a tax receipt will be issued and will take 2-3 weeks to receive in the mail.  Tax receipts are sent automatically following any donations made online.

If you have any further questions about the Charity Challenge, please email Robyn Malcolm (Partner Relations & Projects Coordinator at CCC) at []

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