September 7th - 22nd, 2018

What does the Ronald McDonald House - Southern Alberta Chapter do?

Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta offers a home away from home for out-of-town families who have children receiving medical care at a Calgary hospital. The House provides a warm, compassionate and comfortable environment where families can share experiences, eat a warm homemade meal, and rest while they care for a sick child. Offering 24 private family suites, the House also features a communal kitchen, home-style living rooms, free laundry facilities, play areas and programming for all ages facilitated by the Family Services team.

Last year, 283 families stayed at the House. While each family suite costs $192 per night to operate, families are only asked to pay a nominal nightly fee of $12. The House relies on donations, grants and fundraising to help keep hundreds of families close to their children receiving vital medical care.

Charity Challenge - Ronald McDonald House

​Five points can be earned within this section of the Charity Challenge.

[GIVE A GIFT] - 1 point

[GIVE A WEEK] - 1 point

[GIVE A STAY] - 1 point

[GIVE TIME] - 1 point

[GIVE MORE] - 1 point

NOTE: All donations to this charity are non-cumulative.

How To Give

There are a number of ways to give. Please see below for your options:

Other Important Info

If you have questions about this charity or anything to do with the Ronald McDonald House's involvement in the CCC Charity Challenge, please contact Allie Acker, Community Relations Coordinator. Contact info is as follows:

Questions about tax receipts?

Tax Receipts are automatically sent to the donor via online donations.

For mail, in-House or event-based monetary donations, individuals are asked to submit RMH's Monetary Gift Form (it can be accessed here: Monetary Gift Form). There is a checkbox on the form that allows individuals to request a tax receipt.

For Gift In-Kind donations (such as gift cards), proof of purchase is required in order to issue a tax receipt. These receipts (along with the donated items) can be submitted with RMH's Gift In Kind Form (it can be accessed here: Gift In Kind Form)

Any other questions or concerns regarding receipting can be directed to Helyn at []. 

If you have any further questions about the Charity Challenge, please email Robyn Malcolm (Partner Relations & Projects Coordinator at CCC) at []

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