September 7th - 22nd, 2018

2018 Charity Challenge

CCC's Charity Challenge is an annual event that takes place leading up to and throughout the CCC September Games. This event encompasses a series of giving opportunities and engagement opportunities, as presented by CCC's charity partners.

In 2018, CCC is partnering with 10 local charities. To learn more about each organization's involvement in the 2018 Charity Challenge, click the links below:

Each of the above-mentioned charity partners has put forth 5 initiatives/opportunities to give based on their organization's needs. These initiatives range from requests for monetary and tangible donations to a variety of volunteer and engagement opportunities. 

Many initiatives that take place under the umbrella of the Charity Challenge begin as early as March 1 and are ongoing leading up to and during the September Games. This flexible time frame allows companies the opportunity to work towards their charity-related goals over a series of months, if they choose to do so.

Charity Challenge Points System:

All participating companies will earn 2 participation points in the Overall Results (this is the baseline for participating).

Up to 10 additional points can be earned by meeting specific thresholds. These additional points will be allocated as follows:

Note: Participation in the Charity Challenge is optional (as is the case with ALL CCC events). Participation in each individual charitable initiative is also optional.

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