September 7th - 22nd, 2018

Entry Fees

The following information pertains to the 2018 CCC September Games.

Returning Companies: The entry fee for the Calgary Corporate Challenge September Games is based upon the number of people employed by your company in Calgary and area. This fee covers entry for all events in the CCC September Games. Each company may enter one team per event.

New Companies: The entry fee for the Calgary Corporate Challenge September Games is $999 plus GST. This fee covers entry to the Purple Division (exclusive to first-year companies), including access to 11 sports events and all charity and special events in the CCC September Games. Each company may enter one team per event.

2018 Registration Fee Breakdown* 

Number of Employees Registration Fee
1 - 99 employees $1,230.50 + GST
100 - 199 employees $1,376 + GST
200 - 299 employees $1,682 + GST
300 - 499 employees $1,969 + GST
500 - 999 employees $2,278 + GST
1000+ employees $2,431 + GST
Purple Division (any number of employees) $999 + GST

*Entry Fee is non-refundable. GST = 5%.

Registration Fee Includes:

Purple Division (New Companies)

The entry fee for the Purple Division covers registration for the following events: 10K Race, Axe-Throwing, Bocce, Foosball, Horseshoes, Laser Tag, Obstacle Course Racing, Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Truck Pull, Volleyball and all of the Special Events and Charity Events.

Division Breakdowns

Divisional placements are decided based on total employee counts in Calgary and Area.

Once registration closes, CCC divides the total number of registered companies (estimated to be between 150-160 annually) by 5 (CCC's 5 full divisions), and assigns each company to a division based on how each company's employee count compares to all other companies in the Games. So, the companies that fall in the top 20% (highest employee counts), are assigned to CCC's Orange Division. The following 20% are assigned to Red, then White, then Green, then Blue (respectively). As always, CCC's Purple Division is reserved for all new/first-year companies (of any size). First-year companies compete in this division in their first year ONLY and are moved into appropriate divisions based on their company size in all subsequent years.

Note: Because of the way divisions are decided, companies may be moved from one division to another in any given year. In the interest of promoting fairness, any requests to be assigned to a specific division will not be met.

If you would like more information, please email us at or call the Games Office at 844-205-7593.

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